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I’m Lee and I have a slight obsession with typefaces. I design graphically in Southern California after an 11 year stretch in the frozen tundra we call Minnesota. It was there where I earned my academic merits and then quickly realized I had a lot more to learn, and still do in fact.

My passion for design is real and doesn’t diminish even though I now dwell in a place where I can throw a pencil and hit 5 people with the same profession. I strive to go beyond just decorating things. While intuition is a key part of what I do, great designers have reasons behind every detail.

Regardless of what is being said, there’s a phenomenal way to say it and searching for that visual eloquence is what I love to do.


Wide-format Digital Printing  |  Pre-Press & Print Production  |  Environmental/Presentation Graphic Solutions
Vinyl Lettering/Decoration  |  Sign and Graphics Installation  |  Typography/Lettering  |  Screenprinting

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