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the rare instance when a note from a judge is good

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I was going through some stuff yesterday and I found a note… from a judge. Let’s start from the beginning though…


Mr. Jude’s wife and campaign manager, Gail, first came into my place of employment in 2010, FASTSIGNS, for some cover up stickers to allow her to reuse some signs for Mr. Jude’s run for judge in the 10th District. We produced her order and she went on her way.

Soon she came back to order more cover ups and some signage. Our service and product were so great she eventually commissioned us to execute a logo idea based on the last name Jude and the fact that it was only missing a G to spell judge. I ran with this idea and came back with this:




They were very excited about the new logo. I was excited to see my work everywhere I looked during the elections. Mr. and Mrs. Jude were very gracious and invited me to the investiture which I attended with pleasure. During his acceptance speech was the first, and hopefully only, time I heard my name spoken in a court room. Soon after this I received this in the mail:


jude1 jude2

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the different people you meet in the design industry.