mafia ink design co.

hangar 24 coasters

Craft beer!! It’s such a cool scene with so many people doing so many cool things with beer and the craft of design is right along side it. I’m not sure I could name another current emerging niche in the general market that is as entwined with design as the craft beer movement and I enjoy looking at it all.

These coasters were a promotional piece I created when I applied for a graphic designer position at Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands, CA. I’ve always enjoyed beer and wine labels and was really excited at a chance for a position at a brewery. I sent 2 of the 4 coasters wrapped in a hand die-cut band to the Marketing Director hoping to get an interview even if it was only for the other 2 coasters for the set. Sadly, not even a call back even after applying two more times. Such is life sometimes.

Regardless, the set turned out amazing. I printed them on a small format flat bed UV printer to get the gloss against matte effect with a textured feel.